Eye of Meditation

The header image for this article is a photograph taken by Johannes Plenio as found on Pexels.

Today the sitting was better, more focused than the last couple of mornings when I have struggled to stay on the button, struggled to keep concentration tight enough so as not be continually losing sight of the meditation object, struggling to place it in the mind’s eye. What is this eye? To keep concentration tight enough so as not be continually losing sight of the view, struggling to place it, can be difficult and requires practice. Again, what is this eye? Well, for me, as I have written before in other places here and there, the mind’s eye is located more or less in the centre of the forehead, between the eyebrows, or at least just above the point which is between the eyebrows.

Many call it the Third Eye. Just have to keep coming back to this again and again as it is important. In terms of the body under the skin its location approximates to where the pineal gland is found, this for me at least is where the mind of meditation is situated, another name for where this eye is located is the Ajna chakra. The red dot of kum kum powder often seen on the foreheads of Hindus is to supposed to indicate this spot. Strictly speaking the red dot is supposed to act as a reminder for what is really there, although the esoteric significance has got somewhere lost in the mists of time and so the dot is mainly used now as decoration or signature of blessing.

Once the subtle energy reaches this point, rests there, is felt there, it can be used as fuel for meditation, endless infinity power fuel, which in actual fact, if we did but know it, is the real reason for being alive as a human being.

be alive as a planet Earth human
by way of opening the Third Eye!

Physically you can feel the energy there, something like a bright light energy accumulation. Outer sign of having found this location in meditation is a depression on the surface of the forehead corresponding to the region between and above the eyes, an indentation in this area so as to appear like a dot, a dark circle, like a 3rd Eye, which in fact is exactly what it is. It is used for mind seeing, used for seeing the object of meditation, be it the face of the guru, a luminous white disc symbolic of an indescribable energy, or the illumination of the nostril tips in regard to breath observation, inhalation and exhalation, pull and push, width and heat, speed and depth, all kinds of things to do with the breathing such as those just mentioned and others such as retention after exhalation.

So, if it is breathing as the meditation object, I specifically concentrate on the area at my nostril tips, feel the heat of the breath, speed of the breath by way of inhalation and exhalation, size of the breath in the sense of whether it is thick or thin when passing through my nostrils, before being pulled down into the lungs and pushed back out again, whether it is only passing through one nostril, not two and other such sensations.

Stability at this point – drilling down to the nostril tips, illuminating this specific area with the light of the meditation eye, then once settled upon that area making all the observations necessary to keep the object of meditation firmly fixed in mind, in focus to the point where all other sensory phenomena, including thoughts, are excluded – is difficult.

Nevertheless going back to this point of focus again and again through the course of the meditation session is what we have to do. Think of it as trying to ride a bike, if you fall off you immediately pick yourself up to get back on again, but of course to do that you need energy. All this is easier if the energy empowering your meditation is elevated, if the energy used is coming from that pineal gland location, place of the Third Eye, streaming out in the form of an indescribable energy within and yet at the same time beyond the body.

Once energy resides on Ajna it is then just a question of willpower in regard to keeping focused on the chosen meditation object. Thoughts will come and go, thoughts will inevitably pass through the mind, but they should not be allowed to take away one’s attention, certainly not allowed to take attention away to the point where you lose sight of it. If the energy which empowers your meditation is not elevated, the effort involved in trying to keep focus will quickly tire you out. This is because your place of focus is beneath rather than above, where it feels like you are struggling to look up to see something, rather than being in a position of looking down from above, looking down as if suspended from the ceiling where all is in view.

It is the case that when in meditation from the point of pineal – or rather when in meditation empowered by energy projected from the point of pineal, place of the Third Eye, when meditating from this place when the subtle energy has risen to rest there upon this head place, this brain place, when the energy rests there and is used to empower the meditation – it is the case that the object of meditatio might well become obscured from time to time by way of passing thoughts, by way of the never ending stream of images which flow through the mind. Accept this. Why? Because it is the nature of the mind to ceaselessly generate thought proliferation and create pictures, sometimes at a speed and intensity which makes it difficult to make all the right connections in order to see how it is you have ended up where you are from having heedlessly followed them and in the process lost sight of the meditation object.

So, the meditation object could be the breath where the illuminating power of the mind’s eye is applied to the nostrils, especially the nostril tips, or it could be something entirely different such as that white circle visualized in the middle of the forehead, specifically on the point of pineal, so that the sensation of energy around that area, within that area, becomes intensified. Or from the same location, the object of meditation might be the face of the guru, where that other-world energy which comes from out of the realm of the indescribable is accessed. The energy which is the face of the guru – in front of which as devotee, as meditator, you perform or rather partake in the company of the guru, presence of the guru, darshan of the guru by way of satsang – is to bathe in the guru’s grace.

meditation is on the face of the guru
even if the picture fades and mind wanders
have no doubt it will never leave or abandon you

Meditation on the guru can be an incredible form of meditation and that is because of the power of the object, the strength of the object of meditation which you are focusing upon. Blessings from such an object of meditation can come in the form of calm, peaceful concentration which allows you to keep it in clear focus, allows you to pacify the never ending stream of thoughts which continually threaten to intrude, unless you are determined and vigilant so as to ensure they stay out of the picture. Guru never changes, guru is one and the same each and every time – the resplendent indestructible, unchanging power of enlightened presence.

So always remember that Ajna is the Triple Confluence of –

body – speech – mind
concentration – meditation – contemplation

The indestructible 3 in 1 within which rests the Eye of Meditation.

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