Honey Valley

Extracted from a diary account of time spent in India. This piece was written during a short trip made to the Honey Valley Estate in the Coorg hills in Karnataka, not far from the town of Varajpet and region of Kakkabe. In certain parts it describes a flame vision which I had been experiencing in my meditation for a number of weeks and which was particularly noticeable up there in the hills. It turns the nature of this vision was resolved for me later in the trip when I went across to the Ramanasramam in the holy temple town of Tiruvannamalai which is in the state of Tamil Nadu in South India.

February 18th

Up in Honey Valley now for a couple of days. Up in the hills of Coorg, away from the settlement, away from Bylakuppe. Off the plains, or more like off the edge of the plains, and into a little bit of elevation. Honey Valley, been here before a few years ago for a couple of days and a night, this time I’m here for two days and two nights. Nice place, a hill resort with plenty of walks, peace, quiet and stunning views of the country.

February 19th

Talkin’ Vishwas, swamp voodoo… Sleep was a sleep I must have dreamed 1000 nights already, in that it was full of stuff I simply don’t remember. Woke up at 3.30 am, dead of night time in Honey Valley, traces from my unconscious disappearing into the shadows never to return. Night before I had a lingering headache which was kind of difficult to shake, but in that dead of night my head was now clear and mind too with all sleep gone.

Listened to my ipod for a while and some Bob Dylan. I tuned in to every word he sang and there were a lot of them, a playlist of songs from Tell Tale Signs, Blood on the Tracks, Bringing It All Back Home…yeah you name ‘em baby and I got ‘em when it comes to dear old Bob.

By 5am I was meditating, a simple 135, ½ hour or so, not much more. 135? What is that? Well, I’ll tell you, simply is a 135 breath count, that is 135 inhalations and exhalations with a little bit of breath retention in between. To do a 135 takes I guess something like 40 – 45 minutes depending on the speed of the breath by way of the in and the out.

Kind of thought if I was a natural, if meditation was really what I was cut out for and supposed to do, I would be able to sit there for hours, full yogi deal an’ all that. Well, it did not really turn out like that this time, if that was ever really the intention and I just crawled back into my sleeping bag when I was done to go back to sleep. But anyway, those yogi kinda thoughts don’t really do you any good if they become too destructive. Why? Well, simple really, because it is what it is.

Funny thing is that I have recently been having a constant vision of a bright red flame in the middle of my forehead, more or less right between my eye brows or slightly above –

now I’m Siva
fire blazin’
between my eyes
small red flame
blazin’ in the dark of the night
luminous red

Siva seer
bitten on the Siva pill,
bringin’ Siva visions to the table,
just like thousands have done
a million times before

no doubt, no doubt

So anyway, let it go, I’m just a nameless traveller, ghost in the machine, tryin’ to shake off his headache in the early morning light.

Honey Valley, nice place, been before, couple of years ago, think I might have mentioned that but no matter. Up in the hills of Coorg, higher ground, closest town being Varajpet. It is maybe 2 hours by car from the settlement of Bylakuppe, Tibetan settlement on lower ground. Not too far then, just take the Varajpet road, which is a left turn off the Bangalore to Mangalore Highway once you are on the other side of the town of Kushal Nagar on the banks of the River Kaveri. Then you gradually drive up into those hills, the green hills of Coorg, heading out west, well, west north west to be exact.

Lucky for me this time around Sonam Tashi dropped me off at the bottom of the hill where Honey Valley is located and what is more he will also pick me up. Sonam Tashi is my brother in law by the way, just in case you are wondering. Easy livin’ for me then, just get in the car, sit in the front passenger seat and enjoy the view. Wait to be delivered to the point of destination – Kabbinakad Junction – then up the hill track to Honey Valley. No need to take a bus or engage that much with anything outside my own little world, nameless traveller that I am when on the road in South India.

Walking the hills around the valley, the air is clear and the views fantastic, looking out across the lush green lands of Coorg. Out to the west towards Kerala lie more rolling hills, loads of them, all the way down to the Arabian sea, all of them part of the Western Ghats, stretching along the west spine of India, parallel to the coast, but inland a little bit. Honey Valley is in fact an old coffee estate and for those who don’t know,  Coorg is the land of coffee. If they could, the people of Coorg or at least quite a few of them, would break away from Karnataka, the large state which it is part of. There have been moves for Coorgi independence for a while now, but that is not going to happen. Too much money in Coorg, too much money to be collected by way of taxes. The state government of Karnataka in Bengaluru knows this, wants to keep the money rolling in and so would never contemplate Coorgi independence.

In the case of Honey Valley a couple of bad harvests meant they could no longer make the coffee production work as their only source of income, so they made into a Home Stay Resort instead and very nice one it is too. Guess there must be accommodation now for a fair few dozen people and meals are buffet style in a dining room which is in the Old House. The food is mainly vegetarian, but not quite, as you can order Coorg pork dishes if you are that way inclined although Coorg pork is pretty damn chewy it has to be said. Oh, and you can also get a bottle of cold beer too, for a price worth paying if you want a nice cold drink of alcohol as you sit and watch the stars in the evening.

Coming out here on the Fire Trail, little notebook for all the gabber in my head which I try to write down, a small stash of books for me to read when I can’t write, when the energy has gone for putting pen to paper. On the Fire Trail for so many years now! So much repetition in terms of action and behaviour, yet it still opens up for me to do it all again once I’m in India, holy land of the Om Vibration. No idea why the winds of fate have swung for me in this direction and a constant coming back for more.

Solar mystery that is for sure, highly complicated planetary arrangements must have been in place on the day that I was born, just as they are for all of us, arrangements which have sent me out yet again, all the way to India. And I’m never going to let it go, not if I can help it, even if I have no idea of the origins. Why? Oh that is easy, because I love India! Despite the grief it sometimes makes me feel. It always has been and always will be the land of the Om Vibration, no matter how hard those city boys an’girls with their corrupt psychologies try to screw things up with their fake constructions. Too many fires burning, too many circles drawn too deep in the ground for the magic to ever fade away. Too many promises made and too many pacts with the invisible made by yours truly and a whole host of others, a countless host as a matter of fact, stretching all the way back to the time of Vedas.

February 20th

Honey Valley 2nd night. Just had this nagging headache for most of yesterday. Early morning I thought I’d shaken it off but it came back, slowly, slowly. Meditated to try to turn it around but mind over matter just don’t work anymore so I had to take a bunch of pills to finally shift it.

Happy with my stay in Honey Valley nevertheless. Did the walking that I wanted to do, did my meditation and I saw the flame of Siva clear as a bell slap bang in the middle of my head. Where to next?

The header image for this article was taken by Bithin Raj as found on Pexels @ https://www.pexels.com/photo/green-mountain-under-cloudy-sky-1786306/

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