Bob Dylan Live: Sheffield Arena

This show is from September 2000 when I went on the road in the UK to attend 5 shows by Colombia recording artist Bob Dylan who by that point was over 10 years into his Never Ending Tour.

The second in my series of five Bob concerts for the year 2000 was the Sheffield Arena. The Birmingham NEC had been on the Wednesday and Sheffield was now on the Friday. There was a day of work in between at Wisdom Books, the small book distribution company I helped run and was now a co-director of, not that such a thing added up to that much, as the number of people employed at Wisdom was precisely six. I took the whole of the Friday off as I intended to drive to up Sheffield to see the show and then head back to London the same night. This time I would not be going solo as I was due to make the trip with Marc Murphy my old friend and colleague who had once also worked at Wisdom back in the early 90s but had to be let go due there not being enough business at the time for us to afford to keep him on. Marc was now working in a different kind of world as for a number of years he had been the right hand of a man called Klaus, a Danish entrepreneur down in Surrey who specialised in the buying of chemicals from countries like China and India and then selling them on to drug companies in the United States for a nice healthy profit.

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