Daily Smoothie

Smoothies are a great way of ensuring you get enough of your 5 a day as far as your daily fruit is concerned. Otherwise, for me at least, it would be a hell of an effort to munch my way through what I get to stick in the blitzer each morning for our smoothies.

We have our smoothies after our first drink of the day which is a large cup of fresh coffee each. It is me who usually gets to make the smoothies, in fact I usually get to make the coffees as well. Since being made redundant in July 2016 after we pulled the plug on Wise Words, the small book distribution company I helped to run and was co-director of, and having not as yet picked up the work mantle again, my daily routine has changed considerably. I now have plenty of time in the mornings to first make our coffees, then once they have been drunk by me and my wife Dawa Dolkar, to go back and make the smoothies. All the time in world to not only do the coffees and the smoothies but also to do other stuff as well, such as empty the dishwasher and put all the nice clean cups and plates back into the kitchen cupboards. Continue reading “Daily Smoothie”