Back in the Chair

Got down to the dentist with a good 10 minutes to spare before my appointment for my first check up in over 17 years which needless to say was an excessively long time to leave things but the simple fact of the matter was there had not been any toothache or things falling out of my mouth in the whole of that period. Over the last few months though I had been spitting up blood when brushing my teeth, not all the time, mainly after eating something sweet, sometimes quite a lot of blood, so eventually I had realised it was time to press the button and get back down to the dentist. Continue reading “Back in the Chair”


She walked through the park as the evening skies grew dark, feeling like it was too late to save what she had lost. As the main writer for her folk band Acoustic Prelude it had always been down to her to come up with new material, but now things were running dry and their time might soon be up. No wonder the shadows seemed deep to her, beneath the trees swaying in the breeze. The park was beginning to empty, lovers on benches now heading for the gates, to wait for trains and buses, midnight promise. Continue reading “Tara”