Morning Cup of Coffee

When going downstairs after getting out of bed, out of the sack, I will fill the kettle with water in order to boil it for our coffee, but I will not turn the kettle on right there and then. First I will tear off a couple of sheets of kitchen roll and use them to wipe our glass top coffee table in the lounge with our Ecover Surface Cleaning Spray. Out of all the household surface cleaners that we have used over the years, from supermarket brands right up to the big boys such as Mr Muscle and Flash, I have found that the Ecover range tend to be by far the most tolerable in terms of the smell left once the wiping of the table has been done, not too chemical in other words. The reason why I wipe the coffee table is because this is where I will soon be placing the tray with our pot of fresh coffee, two mugs, jug of hot milk, sugar and long stemmed teaspoon. Continue reading “Morning Cup of Coffee”