Bob Dylan Live: Birmingham NEC

This show is from September 2000 when I went on the road in the UK to attend 5 shows by Colombia recording artist Bob Dylan who by that point was over 10 years into his Never Ending Tour.

The doors to NEC finally opened at 6 pm, but all they led to was a carpeted area inside the arena with another set of doors at the end of it which were also still firmly closed. We all rushed to the marked off area where we once again had to queue and since it was a question of speed I was able to overtake quite a few people who up until a few seconds ago had been further up the original queue than me! It brought an idiotic smile to my face and made me think that Bob would probably have had a good laugh about it as well if he could have seen us scrambling around trying to manoeuvre ourselves into position just so we could get as close as possible to him. Everyone now faced a further 20 minute wait until the second set of doors were finally opened and people were allowed to stream through and into the main concert hall of the NEC. We handed in our tickets which we were told would be returned to us when the show was over if we wanted them as souvenirs and considering the kind of Dylan fan I was currently with there were a few panic stricken requests for confirmation from the security people that this would indeed be the case. After that was sorted it was now a simple sprint to the front of the arena to get the best spot possible standing position in front of the stage. Security people kept shouting at us all not to run which meant it was a kind of stop start fast jog which we all had to make under their watchful eyes. It was difficult not to smile, not to feel exceedingly stupid at being told off in such an abrupt manner by a bunch of mean looking shaven headed guys in yellow high visibility jackets talking into their phones and throwing their weight around. All the same, everyone was now in final sight of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and no one was going to stop us from reaching it, that coveted place at the front of the crowd with a direct line of sight to Bob Dylan when he came on stage.

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